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Russell Craig is a painter and Philadelphia native whose work combines portraiture with deeply social and political themes. A self-taught artist who survived nearly a decade of incarceration after growing up in the foster care system, Craig creates art as a means to explore the experience of overcriminalized communities and reassert agency after a lifetime of institutional control. His work has been shown at the Philadelphia African American Museum, and included in group shows like Truth to Power; State Goods: Art in the Era of Mass Incarceration; and the OG Experience and has garnered coverage in outlets including the Philadelphia Inquirer, The

Washington Post, Artsy, The Guardian, and The New York Times. Craig is an alumni of Mural Arts Philadelphia’s Restorative Justice Guild program, a 2017 Right of Return Fellow, and a 2018 Ford Foundation: Art For Justice Fellow.

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Aug 1, 2022

Critical Dialog:
Confronting Mass Incarceration

Anne Pasternak, Russell Craig, Katie Kitchen, Jesse Krimes

Tuition $275
Code A0902-22

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER The Critical Dialog Program at Anderson Ranch seeks to engage the community in lively discussion about contemporary art and art making. With Anne Pasternak, Russell Craig, Katie Kitchen and Jesse Krimes. Lunch is included.  Acclaimed artists Jesse Krimes and Russell Craig share their journey from incarceration to art with Brooklyn Museum director, Anne Pasternak. At a time of growing momentum to end the mass incarceration of more than two million people in the United States, we will hear the stories of humanity, perseverance and dignity from two artists determined to make art in the most challenging conditions and their efforts to support other formerly incarcerated artists. Jesse Krimes, the subject of the new documentary Krimes, served a six-year prison sentence during which he produced and smuggled out numerous bodies of work exploring how contemporary media shapes or reinforces societal mechanisms of power and control. Upon being released from prison, self-taught artist Russell Craig  began collaborating with  Philadelphia’s acclaimed Mural Arts Restorative Justice Program. Together they are the co-founders of Right of Return USA, the first national fellowship dedicated to mentor and support formerly incarcerated artists. Katie Kitchen, art collector and Ranch program participant, will join the conversation to share the journey of her involvement in the release of her father’s killer from prison through the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Victim Dialogue Program.

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