Simon Haas

Simon Haas is known for his work with the surrealist design duo the Haas Brothers; Simon takes a painterly approach to sculpture in his exploration of material applications for the twins’ work. He studied painting at RISD, and continues to paint and draw as part of his solo practice.

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Jul 26 - 30, 2021

Digital Drawing

Simon Haas, Liz Ferrill

Tuition $1,095
Code D0810-21

Allow yourself the time, space, and technical guidance to examine and respond to what you see in this exciting digital drawing workshop. Using your personal iPad to draw from a live model, still-life, personal objects/relics and your natural surroundings, develop your skills to digitally approach drawing through exercises in line, mark making, blending options, drawing in layers, inverting colors and more. This course also engages conceptual intent through the exploration of personal subject matter as well as articulation through the immediate medium of iPad drawing.

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