Vitus Shell

Vitus Shell is a mixed-media collage painter born in Monroe, LA, where he lives and works. His work is geared toward the black experience, giving agency to people from this community through powerful images deconstructing, sampling, and remixing identity, civil rights, and contemporary black culture. He received a BFA from Memphis College of Art in Tennessee and an MFA from the University of Mississippi.

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  • II

    Level II

    Students have basic knowledge of 2-­D art making including form, negative space, value and line.

  • III

    Level III

    Students have formal training in critical issues of 2-­D art making, experience with public critiques and a solid portfolio of their artwork.

Jun 12 - 16, 2023

Mixed Media: Layered Images

Vitus Shell

Tuition $1,195
Code D0205-23

Our present society is layered with history and so are our personal experiences, making collage a fertile method for visual storytelling. Using photo-based images, paint, drawing, matte medium, stamps, and a variety of two-dimensional materials, participants explore collage to create multilayered works of art. This workshop is designed to inspire students to think about depth by synthesizing foreground, middle ground, and background to form an extraordinary visual effect. Students are encouraged to delve into the myriad ways that collage has the potential to address the surreal, the narrative, and the decorative.

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