Latinx Art Curriculum

As a national art education center, Anderson Ranch strives to support local educators by providing a professionally developed curriculum that engages students, teachers, and school communities with contemporary Latinx artists and practices.


The Ranch has partnered with nonprofits and school educators to build cultural awareness and understanding of the richness and diversity of the Latinx community through art.

The following curriculum has been developed for the 5th-grade level to draw connections with the Latinx community locally and throughout Colorado. To achieve this goal, several Latinx artists are featured in the curriculum.

Tutorial: How to Access the Latinx Educator Curriculum

Curriculum Components

Units of Study

One artist is featured in each unit of the curriculum. Each unit consists of:

  • Outline: an “at-a-glance” summary of the content within the unit
  • Interactive Module: a PowerPoint Presentation, which teachers can present in a whole-group format or guide students to work through in small groups or individually
  • 3 Lesson Plans: PDF’s that provide additional information about each artist, examples of the artist’s work, and ideas for art-making opportunities for students

Each unit of study features an interactive PowerPoint presentation.

Lesson Plans

  • Each lesson plan consists of:
    • Learning goals
    • Colorado State Standards
    • Materials list
    • Background for the teacher
    • Vocabulary
    • Supporting resources
  • Instruction:
    • Key information and ideas
    • Examples of art
    • Guided discussion
    • Hands-on learning and art-making
  • Extension activities
  • Modifications and differentiation


  • The curriculum has been designed with flexibility in mind!
  • The components can be used individually or together to support multiple approaches to teaching the content.
  • Depending on the time and resources available in your classroom, the lessons can be used:
    • as a stand-alone unit(s) of instruction for individual art classrooms.
    • as a curriculum connection to art while supporting other subject areas, such as your ELA, Social Studies, or Technology/Computer Science classes.
    • as enrichment for art clubs or art-focused student programs.

Dynamic videos, audio, and interactive artwork are included in each unit.

Download the curriculum

Please share this curriculum with your students and school! It is available for free to view, download and present on your preferred device. If for any reason you have questions or trouble with these files, please contact Olivia Martinez, Latinx Arts Community Leader and Children’s Program Coordinator at [email protected].


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