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Color: a workshop for artists and designers

Feb 15 - 26, 2021

Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 1-4PM MST


Based on David Hornung’s textbook Color: A Workshop for Artists and Designers, this virtual class provides a deeper understanding of color and the confidence to use it in your work. Under expert guidance, students make a sequence of practical studies that reveal color structure, its relational behavior and useful strategies for color harmony. Class time is devoted to illustrated lectures, demonstrations and discussions of class work, facilitated via Zoom video conferencing. Because the class meets intermittently, there is ample time to complete assignments. This informative and relaxed course is an excellent choice for painters, textile artists, graphic designers and anyone who makes two-dimensional art.

This workshop meets via Zoom Video Conferencing software (download free from An Anderson Ranch staff member co-teaches the class and coordinates the online platform. Further details will be emailed to registrants.


All studies are smaller than 11 x 8.5” (letter size) and made with hand painted color swatches that are cut and collaged using glue sticks on card stock. Recommended paint is acrylic gouache (see materials list for specifics). The technique is simple, direct and requires no prior painting experience.



David Hornung

David Hornung is a painter and collagist who has taught at art schools, workshops and universities for almost five decades. He is the author of Color: A Workshop for Artists and Designers, which has been translated into six languages and is used in art and design programs throughout the world.

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Color: a workshop for artists and designers

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