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Merging Techniques 

Let’s explore the art of collage, uncovering its rich history, diverse techniques, and the myriad ways artists use this versatile medium to convey their messages. This collection of workshops show the expansive nature of college, using traditional materials and diving into exciting and unexpected territories. Mix things up with the art of collage!

Generative Collage: Exploring your Creative Practice with Code

Dive into the intersection of technology and art with the workshop Generative Collage: Exploring your Creative Practice with Code. Here, you’ll create digital collages using generative drawing and sound, coupled with interactive machine learning. This immersive experience will equip you with basic to intermediate creative coding skills, enhancing the experimental programming element in your art practice.

Guest faculty, Chelly Jin is a new media artist employing technology as a conduit of self expression and self exploration. Her practice weaves the interdisciplinary: creative code, artificial intelligence, installation, print, movement and performance. She is currently an MFA candidate at the University of California, Los Angeles in Media Arts, where she earned her BA in Design Media Arts and Digital Humanities.

Chelly Jin, Coping Mechanisms
K Cesark, Tether

Photographic Collage and Combined Digital Techniques

Participants in this workshop will expand their techniques with digital and traditional processes, combining painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, wood, paper, and found or fabricated imagery to tell their stories. 

A master of many artistic techniques, instructor K Rhynus Cesark is the perfect fit for this class! She is an accomplished painter, sculptor, and printmaker. Her work is created with a traditional and post-digital mindset.  She will expertly guide students through use of the laser cutter to cut or engrave paper or other materials and push their imagery further by utilizing the capabilities of the UV printer. Demonstrations include collage, non-toxic resin, laser engraved imagery and cutting, and transfer techniques.

Clay Collage

Experience the world of color and texture with Clay Collage, a hands-on workshop where you’ll explore the vibrant interplay of color, collage techniques, and compositional elements in clay. Experiment with a rich array of mason stains to curate your personal color palette, crafting visually captivating ceramic collages for functional or sculptural pieces.

Under the guidance of Joanna Poag, a ten-year studio veteran with an affinity for tactile, process-based work, you’ll explore the endless possibilities of color and composition. Poag’s work, celebrated for its exploration of memory through line, color, and pattern, was highlighted in the prestigious NCECA 2016: Emerging Artists Exhibition. Join us and inject depth and playfulness into your clay creations!

Joanna Poag, No Fathom Between
Mark Shoening, Tempo 22

Design, Build, Community 

Bridge traditional craft approaches with digital technology to create your own lively, visually engaging compositions! The workshop Design, Build, Community delves into the potential of simple digital tools to create intricate sculptural compositions made from 3D sculptural forms using composite wood, hand processes, and the laser cutter. This is no ordinary collage workshop!

Guest faculty, Mark Schoening is an artist based in Minneapolis, MN. With an expansive practice focusing on painting, sculpture, and digital modeling, Mark employs multiple forms of digital fabrication and design in the production of his work.

Check out Single File, Mark’s solo exhibition of new works shown by TOA Presents, a flexible exhibition space in the Northeast neighborhood of Minneapolis committed to supporting emerging and mid-career artists.

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