Develop Your Signature Style in Woodturning with Keith Gotschall

February 1, 2014

Posted In: Past Workshops, Woodworking

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This class examines the special considerations needed to make useful and decorative plates and platters. Emphasis is on safe turning techniques and the use of the scroll chuck in expansion mode. Decorative surface embellishments add unique flair to each individual’s work. Exploring these creative techniques off the lathe opens up multiple opportunities to find that signature style and unique artistic voice.

thumb_create-1.phpKeith Gotschall is a full-time wood turner with a background in furniture and sculpture. He has been a featured demonstrator at woodturning symposiums in Utah, Kansas, Oregon and Connecticut. He has also contributed to the AAW magazine, American Woodturner, Woodturning Design and the British magazine, Woodturning.

For more information on this Decorative Plates & Platers workshop in the full description on our website.


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