Get inspired! Erin Furimsky and Ceramic Surfaces

February 1, 2014

Posted In: Past Workshops

Tags: Ceramics, ceramics workshops, decoration, Erin Furimsky

Since the beginning of time, humans have had an innate desire to place ornamentation, pattern and imagery on objects, architecture and their own bodies. If you’re ready to satiate your craving to decorate, come learn how to merge 2-D ceramic surfaces with 3-D forms. We design and handbuild small-scale abstract forms, then shift to developing layered surfaces by working the clay at various stages. We learn how to craft visually seductive, content rich, emotionally charged surfaces. While our focus is applying glazes and underglazes to handbuilt ceramic sculpture, these methods also transfer to utilitarian forms.



Erin Furimsky is a studio artist and educator in Bloomington, Ill. She received an MFA from Ohio State University and has exhibited her work nationally and internationally. Erin stars in the DVD, “Layered Surfaces with Erin Furimsky.” She was an emerging artist for NCECA in 2006 and has participated in multiple artist residencies.

For more information on Erin’s class, Inspiring Surfaces , check out the full class description here.

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