Meet Artist-in-Residence Zachary Keane

January 30, 2018

Posted In: Ceramics, Residency

Tell us about your background.

My background has always involved the arts. Since I was young my parents encouraged my creativity and that persisted through high school and after straying briefly to think about pursuing a science degree I returned to studying art. I did not have the choice to focus specifically on furniture and wood working until I transferred from junior college to San Diego State University. I have been committed to woodworking as my craft for the past four years.

How did you find out about the Anderson Ranch Arts Center?

I learned about Anderson Ranch from my professors while at SDSU.

Are there any memories or moments that stand out during your residency?

I became friends with all the staff and my fellow residents while at the ranch. My fondest memories are of meals, planning hikes and other activities, and visiting the other artists studios and seeing what they were working on. I also loved having in-depth conversations about everyone’s views and opinions regarding their creative process.

What inspires you to create?

My inspiration to create is autobiographical experiences from my childhood and stories that have been told to me of my family before I was born. But further there is a drive that is fleeting that will pop into my consciousness and I will need to begin working on that vision.

Where do you see your work going from here?

I am applying to graduate school so really the sky is the limit of where I see my work going. I would be honored if my art is featured in collections and I will begin making new work to show that I conceptualized while I was at Anderson Ranch.

How can we find you on social media and the web?

Instagram: @cpthardderps


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