MYTH: Anderson Ranch’s Photo & Digital Media Department is Only For Serious, Established Photographers…

February 28, 2013

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FACT: Our doors are open and encouraged to be entered by all.

Imagine taking your first photography workshop or exploring a new studio practice under the direction of a skilled instructor at Anderson Ranch. These workshops are specifically designed for students who are new to a particular discipline and have no formal training. They equip you with the basic skills necessary to move into more advanced classes in programs that pique your curiosity. The best way to start is always at the beginning! Join us this summer for a new start in fine, unique or functional art.  To download a copy of the 2013 Summer Workshop Catalog, click here!

Beginning Workshops In Photography & Digital Media

JUNE 3 – 7
Digital Photography Andrea Wallace | p.18

JUNE 3 – 7 Photoshop for Artists Mariana Vieira | p.19

JUNE 10 – 14
Digital image Processing with Adobe Lightroom Jan Kabili | p.19

JULY 8 – 12
Getting Started with the Digital SLR Angela Faris Belt | p.22

AUGUST 12 – 16
Final Cut Pro X Bootcamp Larry Jordan | p.26

AUGUST 19 – 23
Life, Art & the iPhone Jonathan Laurence | p.27

AUGUST 26 – 30
Capture to Print Using Adobe lightroom Andrea Wallace | p.28

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