Re-envision Sculpture with Sarah Gjertson and her Soft Sculpture Workshop

February 1, 2014

Posted In: Contemporary art, Past Workshops

Tags: Anderson Ranch, Craft, Past Workshops, Sarah Gjertson, Sculpture, Sewing, soft sculpture, Strings, Threads, Workshops

The nature of fabric allows its freedom to float, contour or delineate form. This course examines the contemporary resurgence of traditional craft to explore 3-D forms and sculptural interventions. Recently re-envisioned histories of hand work and conceptual craft are introduced as we observe form and material inspired by the political, satirical and social influences embraced by current practitioners. Driven by individual interests and skill levels, possibilities include inflatables, stuffed soft-sculptures and installations, and armatures with stretched, skin-like surfaces.thumb_create-2.phpSarah Gjertson received her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and is the current director of the School of Art and Art History at the University of Denver.

Get all the details about this Threads & Strings: conceptual craft and soft sculpture workshop in the full description on our website.

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