The interns are here!

May 25, 2013

Posted In: Anderson Ranch General, Past Workshops

Tags: Anderson Ranch, Interns, Past Workshops, summer, Workshops

IMG_0279Bottom row (left to right): Fabiano Sarra, Teresa Audet, Paige Ward, Camila Galofre, Louise Deroualle, Karen Sherwin, Lucy Baird, Quinn Maher, Eric DeLand, Alex Runge and Brendan Solinksky.

Top row (left to right): Mike Darcy, Amanda Bates, Liz Feroze, Claire Morton, Josh Meier, Julia DeRose, Sarah Kolar, Josh Dannin, and Kyle Hendrix.

Not Pictured: Genoa Faber and Patrick Badalian.

Take a workshop and come visit them! More information and workshop catalogue can be found on our website.


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