Sarah Awad

Sarah Awad has had solo exhibitions at Night Gallery, Los Angeles and The Third Line, Dubai, and her work is in the permanent collection of the Dallas Museum of Art, TX. Sarah teaches on the faculty of the Claire Trevor School of the Arts at University of California, Irvine and is based in Los Angeles.

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  • III

    Level III

    Students have formal training in critical issues of 2-­D art making, experience with public critiques and a solid portfolio of their artwork.

Aug 26 - 30, 2024
9AM - 5PM

Developing Space with Brush Stroke, Color and Gesture

Sarah Awad

Tuition $1,225
Code D1328-24

Investigate abstraction through building painted surfaces on canvas in this workshop for intermediate to advanced painters. Abstraction is approached as an alteration of reality and representational form rather than as non-objection—being inspired by the world around us when creating compositions. Emphasis is placed on inventive color choices made through a color-intuitive sense of palette generated from color and spatial relationships. Mark-making is explored while considering the connections between accident and intention, between chance and decision making. Students work flat as well as on the wall in order to change perspectives while painting.

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