Painting & Drawing

Code: D0511-23

    • Ages 13 - 17

Drawing from Life for Teens

Jul 3 - 7, 2023



Hone drawing skills and add exciting work to a growing portfolio in this teen-specific workshop designed to teach young artists not only how to draw recognizable objects but to develop new ways of seeing the world. Working from still life, self-portraiture, and the landscape, students learn methods to enhance fundamental drawing skills, focusing on basic design elements, including line, composition, color, scale, and perspective, to build a dynamic, strong portfolio of original drawings. Through observation, we explore a wide range of media and subject matter to improve technical and creative abilities.


Lindsey Yeager

Studio Coordinator of Paint and Printmaking

Fueled by a need to find closure in a deteriorating world, Wisconsin-born Lindsey Yeager paints and illustrates connections between society and nature, between human and animal, translating and reframing human contexts into fearful, raw, and feral allegories. Lindsey received a BFA in New Studio Practice and Illustration from Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design in 2021 and she went on to win two Society of Illustrators awards and participate in the 2021-22 cycle of Plum Blossom Initiative’s Bridge Work residency. Her work has been shown at Var Gallery, Mana Contemporary, Soft Times Gallery, Museum of Wisconsin Art, and Society of Illustrators, among others. Lindsey is represented by Var Gallery in Milwaukee.

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Painting & Drawing

Make, reflect, consider, engage—these are all critical elements of the Painting and Drawing workshops at Anderson Ranch. Our exceptional workshops combine focused, hands-on art making with critical feedback for artists of all levels. Painting and Drawing guest faculty are phenomenal artists and educators with experience supporting students by offering technical knowledge and encouragement.

The bright, natural light of the Wyly Painting and Drawing Building provides an inspiring environment where students can explore and expand their artistic practice. Our facilities are equipped with individual worktables, wall space, easels, rolling palettes, odorless solvents, a wide range of hand and power tools, computer access with Adobe software, wi-fi, printing, scanning, and projection capabilities. Spend a week here— or several—and engage in a variety of activities that will fuel your practice throughout the year.

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Workshop Details

Supply List

Many of the items you'll need are available in the ArtWorks Store. Please click "View Full Supply List" to see a comprehensive list of items you'll need for this workshop.

Lodging & Meals

Housing is limited and includes shared and private lodging options. Reservations will be managed on a first-come, first-served basis. The earlier you reserve housing, the better your chance of receiving your preferred option. Please note: Workshop costs do not include accommodations. 

We have established a Business Safety Plan with added layers of precaution that prioritize the health and safety of our staff, students, faculty and guests while continuing to provide you with the Anderson Ranch experience that you know and enjoy.

The Ranch Café meal plan that is included with Room and Board fees strives to provide healthy, creative meals that will nourish your artistic creativity. The meal plan includes 5 days of continental breakfasts that will include a hot offering, 5 lunches with a selection of offerings, and 5 dinners.


Scholarships, College Credit & Discounts

Making Art Accessible

Applications for scholarship support are encouraged. Specific scholarships are funded by Ranch supporters, either through endowed funds or special gifts.

Many colleges and universities offer college credit for workshops taken at Anderson Ranch. Discounts are available for students and teachers.

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Rendering the Tangible: Drawing from Life

Simon Haas, Liz Ferrill

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Code D0816-24

Participants allow themselves the time, space, and guidance to examine and respond to what they see in this drawing workshop open to artists of all skill levels. Each day, they embark on the fascinating journey of taking the time to make drawings from a live model, still life, personal objects/relics, and our natural surroundings, formally approaching drawing through exercises in line, contour, negative/positive space, value studies, and composition. Conceptual intent is also explored through choosing personal subject matter and discovering ways to best articulate through the immediate medium of drawing. Liz Ferrill will be present for the entire duration of the workshop; Simon Haas will join daily from 9am – 3pm.

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Watercolor: Abstract Flora

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Observe flowers with an exciting new perspective using abstraction interpreted in watercolor. Students capture not only what they see using watercolor, but also their personal responses as they paint form, line, shape, and work in color. Daily demonstrations, one-on-one instruction, and presentations provide the foundation for a dynamic exploration of this nuanced medium. A one-day plein air painting experience is part of this workshop, as a way to work from life and take it back into the studio to condense and deconstruct.

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Oil Painting: Color, Brush and Mark

Kylie Manning

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Code D0917-24

Embark upon an oil painting journey by learning the fundamentals of the medium and finding new ways to develop personal imagery. Emphasis is on developing the lush, nuanced surfaces that oil painting can accomplish, focusing on canvas preparation, underpainting, glazing, color, and brush stroke. Students are encouraged to consider the subject matter, narrative, and many formal concerns that support these concepts. Composition, form, mood, contrast, and surface are also topics to be explored. This rigorous course results in several paintings upon which to build and reflect.

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