Furniture Design & Woodworking

Code: ZSW0101-25

    January Studio Sessions: Furniture Design & Woodworking

    Jan 6 - 24, 2025

    Monday-Friday, 9AM - 5PM
    Participants may register for one, two, or three weeks
    TUITION is $1,110 per week or $3,300 for three weeks


    Anderson Ranch’s January Studio Sessions provide artists the opportunity to work on independent projects while receiving mentoring and critique sessions with Anderson Ranch artistic staff and interns. Each participant receives an assigned studio space, orientation, and access to equipment, as well as some morning group demonstrations and / or critiques.

    This program affords artists the experience enjoyed by national and international artists who access our state-of-the-art studios. Participants may expand their practices, take artistic risks, try new media or complete works for exhibition.

    *Studios are open 24 hours a day and on weekends for students enrolled in multiple weeks, with limited use of equipment due to safety requirements. The machine rooms are only available when monitored – weekdays 9 AM-5 PM. Evening monitoring hours are Mondays – Thursdays, 7 – 9 PM.


    • Students will be responsible for all material costs associated with their projects.
    • Participants who register for multiple consecutive weeks will gain access to the studios on weekends (with the exception of the machine rooms due to safety constraints.)
    • Private dorm rooms are available at Anderson Ranch for one, two or three weeks for an additional fee; click here to view January 2025 lodging options.


    • Applicants must submit project proposals or portfolios for approval. Contact Betsy Alwin to apply: [email protected]


    Please bring any materials or mediums you are comfortable working with.   Some materials are available for purchase through the studio including wood.


    Lane Preston

    Studio Coordinator of Woodworking & Furniture Design

    Lane Preston, originally from Houston, Texas, received his BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago with an emphasis in Photography and Sculpture in 2016. After graduation he worked as an exhibitions coordinator and photographer for art and design galleries to put on exhibitions all over the world.  In 2021, he went to Florence, Italy, for his MFA in Furniture Fabrication and Design, after teaching abroad for two years.

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    furniture design and woodworking studio resident

    Tuition: $1,110.00
    Studio Fee: $50.00
    Registration Fee: $45.00

    Furniture Design & Woodworking

    The Furniture Design & Woodworking program at Anderson Ranch draws upon the world of studio furniture, but pushes the boundaries of woodworking by mixing contemporary and traditional techniques and incorporating alternative materials. Anderson Ranch offers an inspiring range of workshops for all levels in topics such as cabinetry, wood bending, kinetics and carving.

    The Maloof Wood Barn, divided into a machine room, assembly room, and bench room, provides participants the ideal workshop for realizing technical and creative goals. The machine room houses stationary equipment including SawStop table saws, jointers, planers, bandsaws, drill presses, edge sander, disk sander, drum sander, spindle sander, mortiser, radial arm saw, chop saw, router table and multi-router. In the assembly and bench rooms, a library of clamps, hand tools, and hand-held power tools line the walls for student use to complete their woodworking projects.

    The Furni­ture Society and Ander­son Ranch are part­ner­ing this year to offer a schol­ar­ship for one BIPOC appli­cant to attend a work­shop for the 2024 summer season. This oppor­tu­nity includes tuition for a one-week work­shop, room and board for a Furni­ture Design and Wood work­shop, and a 1‑year member­ship to The Furniture Society. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

    Anderson Ranch is happy to extend a 20% tuition discount* in summer one- or two-week adult workshops for Furniture Society members. Please register online and then email [email protected] with your membership information and we will make the adjustment once you are in the system. You are also welcome to call 970-924-5089 to register. *Please note that the Furniture Society discount cannot be combined with any other discount, scholarship or special offer.


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    Workshop Details

    Lodging & Meals

    Housing is limited and includes shared and private lodging options. Reservations will be managed on a first-come, first-served basis. The earlier you reserve housing, the better your chance of receiving your preferred option. Please note: Workshop costs do not include accommodations. 

    We have established a Business Safety Plan with added layers of precaution that prioritize the health and safety of our staff, students, faculty and guests while continuing to provide you with the Anderson Ranch experience that you know and enjoy.

    The Ranch Café meal plan that is included with Room and Board fees strives to provide healthy, creative meals that will nourish your artistic creativity. The meal plan includes 5 days of continental breakfasts that will include a hot offering, 5 lunches with a selection of offerings, and 5 dinners.


    Scholarships, College Credit & Discounts

    Making Art Accessible

    Applications for scholarship support are encouraged. Specific scholarships are funded by Ranch supporters, either through endowed funds or special gifts.

    Many colleges and universities offer college credit for workshops taken at Anderson Ranch. Discounts are available for students and teachers.

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    This workshop explores three different styles of traditional willow basketry. Students learn to weave a Zarzo flower basket, rib-style foraging basket, and a stake-and-strand shopping basket. In addition to exploring the basics of the craft and becoming acquainted with willow as a material, there will be opportunities for creative choices with color, patterns, and weave styles. Please note this work is hand, wrist, and shoulder intensive. All the willow for this workshop is grown, harvested, and prepared by the instructor at his farm in Pennsylvania. Participants also learn about sustainable willow growing and harvesting practices.

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    This class shows students a fun way of putting many flat, smaller pieces of wood together and building them into a large, organic, and free form. With this coopering-like special glue-up technique, each student achieves a large organic-shaped dinner-table size centerpiece bowl starting from a flat board of lumber instead of a big chunk of log. This class also provides the opportunity to learn how to use hand carving tools such as gouge, rasp, file, and scraper and power tools like angle grinder, die grinder, jointer, circular saw, and band saw safely and properly.

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