NEW WORKSHOP ADDED! Cabinets of Curiosity

August 14, 2013

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Are you interested in woodworking and furniture design? Would you say that you are curious about cabinets? Either way you should take a look at this newly added furniture design workshop, instructed by the Ranch’s own wood shop studio coordinator Jason Schneider!



What do you keep in your cabinets? Which cabinet holds your most sentimental objects? What if the form and function of this cabinet expressed the value and significance of the objects it holds? This is a three-week study of the potential impact that material, shape, proportion, color, function and interior and exterior surfaces can have on the perception of your cabinet and the objects contained within it. Our focus is on designing a cabinet that will subtly or overtly speak to the importance of the precious objects it holds.

Curiouser and curiouser. This workshop will help you explore furniture design as well as sentiments behind each design decision. To see more details about this workshop please visit our website.

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