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Applications are due on March 6, 2020 at 5PM MST.

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Ceramic Interns

Contact: Louise Deroualle,, 970/924-5050

The Ceramic internship is quite intensive, and in order to maintain a high level of quality, workshops are given top priority. Interns are responsible for organizing the class, loading and firing all kilns, mixing glazes, assisting the faculty, working with the students, and cleaning the shop among other duties. One intern will be a monitor from 7PM – 9PM,  Monday through Friday. Kiln loading happens frequently, including evenings and weekends. All clay interns must stay until August 29, 2020 and at least two will stay until September 30, 2020. Cleaning from the summer and preparing the shop for the winter takes about three days after the summer workshops end.

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Photography & New Media Interns

Contact: Andrea Wallace,, 970/923-3181 x233

Photography & New Media interns actively assist in the summer workshops providing support for faculty and students. Their responsibilities include assisting instructors, aiding students, troubleshooting computer and printer problems, organizing and participating in field trips, weekly evening lab monitoring, performing general lab/building maintenance (including weekends), and gathering materials for demos. Interns should have significant experience and a strong technical understanding of camera gear, digital and film capture, digital workflow using Photoshop, Lightroom and Epson printers. Attention to detail and desire to learn is a must. Experience teaching or assisting in photography or digital media course is highly desirable. Additional knowledge of Processing or other coding languages, general computer maintenance, the Adobe Creative Suite Design Premium, Final Cut Pro, and slide and flatbed scanners is also helpful.

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Painting & Printmaking Interns

Contact: Elizabeth Ferrill,, 970/923-3181 x236

Painting and Printmaking Interns assist faculty and students and are expected to be self-motivated and anticipatory of the needs of the studio. During a typical Painting or Printmaking workshop, interns help set up studio equipment, meet with faculty and students for studio orientation and safety rules, show students and faculty where supplies and tools are located, and assist faculty in demos and students with new techniques particular to that workshop. Additionally, each intern will monitor all studios at least one evening per week from 7PM – 10PM. Weekend responsibilities for all interns include dropping off faculty at the airport Saturday mornings, picking up new faculty Sunday afternoons, and thoroughly cleaning and rearranging the studios for the next workshops. Candidates should have knowledge of painting techniques as well as a significant background in printmaking and workflow of an active community print shop and be detail oriented. Painting and Printmaking Interns should feel comfortable floating between the painting studios and the print shop.

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Sculpture Interns

Contact: Zakriya Rabani,, 970/924-5077

The Sculpture Interns are an integral part of workshops and the functionality of the sculpture space. Interns are responsible for organizing the class, assisting faculty, shop maintenance and upkeep, working one on one with students and helping them realize their artistic dreams. This internship requires a background in or true willingness to learn a variety of sculpture techniques and a readiness to use equipment for welding, wood fabrication, bronze casting, plaster and mixed media construction. Experience with computer technology, software, video projection, sensors and kinetics is suggested. Lastly, interns should be well prepared to handle safety incidents, able to prevent hazardous or problematic scenarios and above all help the students and faculty flow safely through the sculpture space and workshops.

Monday through Friday one intern with monitor the shop in the evenings, 7-9PM.

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Woodworking & Furniture Interns

Contact: Mark Tan,, 970/924-5074

The Wood Interns set up the studios for workshops, prepare materials, clean and maintain the shop and assist faculty and students, among other duties. Interns are expected to be self-motivated and anticipatory of the needs of the students and the faculty, with strong people skills. A high regard for safety is essential. Each intern will monitor the shop a minimum of one evening a week from 7PM – 10PM, as well as some weekends. The interns should have significant background in woodworking, including knowledge of basic joinery and the safe operation of woodworking machines. Familiarity with other materials (metal, paint, mixed media construction) and computer technology is also helpful.

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Children's Program Interns

Contact: Andrea Wallace,, 970/924-5073

The Children’s Program interns must be flexible, patient, and energetic to be able to accommodate the changing needs of students ages 4-15. Intern responsibilities include assisting faculty, aiding students, organizing and prepping materials and maintaining studio space and supplies during summer workshops. The supervision and safety of young children is a primary expectation that includes the use of materials, snack breaks, lunch times, and time before and after workshops. Having a broad knowledge of art materials and techniques is valuable. Having experience or a strong interest to work with children is essential.

NEW this year, the children’s program needs an intern who assists with the TechShops and needs to be familiar with a variety of digital media. This intern should have basic knowledge of digital photography, video, animation, 3D printing, and robotics. Basic proficiency with coding, Arduino, Tinkercad and Rhino is valuable but not necessary.

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Digital Fabrication Intern

Contact: Leah Aegerter,, 970/924-5086

The Digital Fabrication intern provides technical support for students from all disciplines during the summer workshops. Their responsibilities include assisting students, faculty, and visiting artists with output and troubleshooting of their projects. Interns will monitor the Lab after hours from 7PM-9PM at least once a week, and in the absence of studio coordinators. Additionally, they are responsible for helping to maintain, service, and run all equipment in Anderson Ranch’s Digital Fabrication Lab. Proficiency with CAD software such as Rhinoceros or Fusion 360, as well as Adobe Suite is highly desirable. The Digital Fabrication Lab includes FDM and SLA 3D printers, 3D scanners, laser cutters, vinyl cutters, and 4-axis CNC routers. Experience with these types of machines is preferable but not required.

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Paid Summer Staff positions are available in administrative areas such as Development, Events, Marketing and Operations. Please check back for the latest information.

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