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Don’t miss the opportunity to gain insights and learn valuable lessons from our experienced legacy faculty members! These artists, to name a few, have made significant contributions to their fields and have been at Anderson Ranch over the course of decades to learn, teach, and make art. Here are just a few of the masters who have shaped and honed our little world and are back for more this summer.

Doug Casebeer

For over 35 years, Doug was an artistic director at Anderson Ranch. His impact on the Ranch is undeniable. This summer, he will be teaching the workshop Sense of Place: The Artist’s Voice from July 15 – 26th with advanced students focusing on taking risks with process and techniques. The class will work with high-fire clay to make vessels, sculptures, and other ceramic forms. Students can expect to leave with a better understanding of their practice.

“This place has been a catalyst for change in people’s lives that has nothing to do with art. It has to do with well-being.” – Doug Casebeer

Sam Harvey

Sam Harvey is a staple to the artistic community in the upper Roaring Fork Valley and has been a generous supporter of Anderson Ranch, having worn many hats including working as a studio manager in ceramics, summer intern, winter resident, guest faculty, volunteer, exhibition curator, donor and board member to name a few! As owner and curator of the Harvey Preston Gallery, Sam is a constant contributor to the artistic dialogue of Aspen. This summer, Sam will be teaching Face Your Fears: Discovering Bold New Forms, a fun and experimental workshop in which students learn the principles of clay construction, the fundamentals of aesthetics, and how to take important risks that expand their studio practice.

“It’s great to see people who were residents at the Ranch and even interns in my early days now professors and running art departments. They use that Ranch training to run their lives.” – Sam Harvey

Hiroki Morinoue

Hiroki began teaching mokuhanga at Anderson Ranch over 20 years ago. His workshop, Mokuhanga, the Baren and Printing at Home from September 9 – 20th, is an exciting printmaking intensive focusing on water-based Japanese woodblock printmaking. This unique, environmentally friendly process involves hand carving and can be done at home on any scale, at any time, and in any place.

Hiroki and Setsuko Morinoue established Studio 7 Fine Arts Gallery in November 1979, as the first and now longest-standing contemporary art gallery in Hawaii.

In 1996 Hiroki was designated a Living Treasure of Hawaii by the Honpa Hongawanji Mission.

Hiroki Morinoue print editions

Holly Roberts

The renowned Holly Roberts has been teaching at the Ranch for over 30 years. In her upcoming workshops, Collage and Paint: Starting Out directly followed by Collage and Paint: Taking it Further, students learn how to build collages using their own abstract paintings as a foundation for the mixed media materials they use to build their images. This aligns with Holly’s artistic practice of creating collages combining photographs and paint. Inspired by her lifelong experience living in the Southwest, her compositions often incorporate the colors, wildlife, vegetation, and myths of desert and mountain landscapes.

“There is something about the reality of the photo with the non-reality of the marks of the paint or the things I make up and put in the painting that is powerful. I do work that connects with a deeper, darker side. Although there is humor to it. That’s what I connect with.” – Holly Roberts

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