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What are the new topics, trends, and techniques being explored at Anderson Ranch this summer?

Below are just a few of the faculty we are thrilled to welcome to the Ranch that are sure to bring some new and exciting energy to campus. Check them out!

The Haas Brothers: Simon & Nikolai

The surrealist design duo, the Haas Brothers, have received accolades for their exceptional craftsmanship and have expanded over the years from fabricators and collaborators into the worlds of fashion, film, art, and design. Both brothers will teach at the Ranch from July 22 – 26th in different studios with our expert staff. 

“They [the Haas Brothers] have a confident way about them, but with it comes intelligence and they are open and honest and free. It really draws you in.” – Evan Snyderman of R & Company, The Design Edit

Simon Haas will be co-teaching with the Ranch’s own Liz Ferrill, Artistic Director of Painting, Drawing & Printmaking. In their workshop: Rendering the Tangible: Drawing from Life, participants will take the time, and space to examine and respond to what they see in this drawing workshop. 

Nikolai Haas will be teaming up with the Ranch’s Master Printer Brian Shure in their Master Class: Creative Approaches to Printmaking workshop. This is a unique opportunity for advanced printmakers. Artists are invited to work on self-directed projects in the area of their choosing while receiving technical support in tandem with critical feedback.

Catherine Opie with student workshop

Catherine Opie

Catherine Opie returns to the Ranch to teach a Master Class this summer: Portraiture and Figuration. Catherine is a long-standing friend of the Ranch, having been a Summer Series speaker, Visiting Artist, and Guest Faculty over the past 10 years. Catherine challenges artists to engage in critical group dialogue and critiques to hone the fundamental aspects of their work and deepen their understanding of contemporary art practice.  

“There’s a free environment there to do a certain kind of experimentation…The impact of Anderson Ranch is in opening up possibilities.” – Catherine Opie

Jean Shin

In Jean’s first workshop at the Ranch, Creative Reuse (July 29 – August 2, 2024), participants will adopt creative reuse strategies and transform everyday objects and discards into assemblages, sculptures, and installations. While salvaging and repurposing materials, artists explore innovative ways to infuse personal meaning, cultural significance, and ecological urgency into their artwork. 

“Jean Shin has a knack for transforming the mundane into the beautiful.” – MOMA, Projects 81 Exhibition

Mickalene Thomas & Jasmine Wahi

Not new to the Ranch, but certainly buzzworthy, Mickalene Thomas and Jasmine Wahi first paired up at the Ranch in the summer of 2023 with a Summer Series conversation which became the spark for this new and exciting workshop they are co-teaching this summer: Master Class: The Business of Art Making. 

“Mickalene Thomas’s brash, exuberant paintings don’t care what you think of them; they are much too busy simply — or not so simply — being themselves.” – Roberta Smith, The New York Times

Together, they will share their experiences and expertise to help artists learn how to navigate relationships with potential gallerists and foster the acumen to dissect legal jargon. This workshop aims to provide a fundamental basis for an artist’s longevity and promises to provide insights that can’t be found anywhere else! 

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